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Jerusalem Venture Partners Wins License to Operate a Tech Incubator under Israel’s National Incubator Program

March 27, 2016, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) recently announced that it was chosen by Israel’s National Innovation Authority to operate a Jerusalem-based technological incubator. The JVP was selected to operate a Jerusalem-based Startup Incubator for eight years in partnership with Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries and Hebrew University’s own Yissum.


A New Blood Test Created by a Team...

March 16, 2016, Dr. Ruth Shemer and Prof. Yuval Dor from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Prof. Benjamin... More

HU Professor and Team Win...

March 7, 2016, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, has been known to grow innovators along... More

With Rare Documents and Historic...

February 11, 2016, Scientists from Caltech, MIT and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced that they have discovered evidence of Albert Einstein’s century old gravitational waves prediction.


HU Prof. Edit Doron Wins Israel Prize

February 7, 2016, Prof. Edit Doron, of the Department of Linguistics and at the Language, Logic and Cognition Center, will be awarded the Israel Prize for her work in the study of understanding... More

HU Professors Collaborate to...

February 4, 2016, Hebrew University researchers in collaboration with their counterparts at German University of Bochum have created a new model for the... More

HU Wants to Make Israel A...

January 27, 2016, A recent study by the Hebrew University and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute Economic Unit was featured in Israeli daily economic newspaper... More